God is doing great things at First English!

God has been present with the people of First English Lutheran Church since 1832.  In this second decade of the second millenium, God is once again leading us through a new chapter of life together.  We are about the business of growing as followers of Jesus Christ – we are disciples.  As we grow deeper in Jesus, we grow wider in ministry.  Come and join us on this exciting journey with Jesus!




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FELCMansfield RT @nickygumbel: The resurrection of Jesus is rooted in history, grounded in scripture and confirmed in experience.
FELCMansfield @amyfisherlittle That is serious improvement. I am still working on that!
FELCMansfield RT @Ligonier: He is risen! He is risen indeed!
FELCMansfield RT @TheNALC: Today's devotion from the Daily Lectionary – https://t.co/ex9Wz7vANR #devotions #Lutheran #Christian #thenalc #Lent https://t…
FELCMansfield Difficult Friendships Are Good for You | Desiring God https://t.co/7q98h6AvW6
FELCMansfield RT @amyfisherlittle: It's a good thing we don't get what we really deserve. By Grace you… https://t.co/IUadesQUOH
FELCMansfield RT @nickygumbel: Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every mo…
FELCMansfield RT @nickygumbel: Before you speak: THINK T : Is it true? H : Is it helpful? I : Is it inspiring? N : Is it necessary? K : Is it…
FELCMansfield RT @desiringGod: Worrying tries to take on the weight of God’s responsibilities. Our duty is to obey God, not play God. https://t.co/IVjSsu

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